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If you are operating your in house VAT processes to manage your compliance obligations, adapting to the changing Regulations is advisable to ensure you remain within the Legislation and maximizing your refunds.

The VAT Legislation affects many aspects of your business not just finance and if you have not managed this correctly, you may be at risk or losing opportunities to improve refunds.

We support over 100 clients with our best practice ISO 9001 quality processes. With our insight and experience we can provide you the guidance to ensure your business is operating with improved cost of compliance and knowledge.

If VAT is new to your business or have continuing questions which could lead to administrative penalties, we can help you.


What Should You Consider?



  • Our approach is focused on the nature of your business transactions, processes and capabilities. This makes our guidance specific and practical. 


  • Where relevant we will assess the key domains, reference to the Legislation and provide our analysis to help your understanding.


  • Following our analysis, we will provide clear areas of attention with a risk/opportunity assessment for your teams to feel better equipped and confident to operate.


  • Best practice model with advice and guidance
  • Cost effective, reduces risks and can improve refunds
  • Documented guidance for your personnel
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