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Building on our VAT compliance and reporting service, we can also address more complex requirements that affect any VAT Groups for consolidated VAT returns and monthly or quarterly VAT returns cycles.

If you have difficulties in training and managing distributed finance functions to support a Group wide compliance and reporting process, we can help you. 

Our service is designed to provide a multi level compliance and reporting engine that could minimise the impacts and investments in your in house systems and processes. 

As a Group function, our service can significantly reduce the cost of implementing and managing new systems and processes to support your reporting and compliance obligations.

Read Our Paper on the implications and best practice approach for Tax Groups

Recovery and Recording

Designed to FTA legislation for digital record keeping. It will allow you to quickly access and present invoices and documents supporting your VAT filings and save you time and money.


Our service is mobile ready to provide instant search capability with added ability to upload scan images directly from a PDA or mobile. In addition, all information on your usage is available instantly.

Ease of Deployment

Our service is designed to work with your existing business processes and reduce impacts and costs to resources and systems. We need your data and we undertake the rest of the compliance and reporting work


We deliver our services on the latest state of art and secure multi-tenanted cloud technology. Your data is secured and accessible to you.

Advanced functionality

Our service is designed with a 3 click trace principle, from a filed VAT report your original AP or AR invoice can be found with the workings on the VAT amounts posted.

Reduces costs and improve compliance

Implementing changes to your existing systems and processes can be a major project that takes time, investment and training. 

Our service can reduce this cost, risk and increase speed of deployment



Sales and Purchase Transactions

Transactional data is posted to the specific entity to create a transparent reporting structure 

  • Account payable invoice scans are uploaded to the specific entity and follow our quality check recovery approach  


  • Transactional sales data extracts are imported and we undertake further integrity checks to the data

Recover and Post

To ensure accurate recovery, we review every purchase transaction. The on going training and management of your distributed AP can be challenging, by taking this process we can reduce this cost to your business


  • Our team checks for quality of the provided documentation to start the recovery process. 


  • All transactional data is posted to for you to review at anytime


Managing your cashflow requires a flexible reporting platform with data posted as quickly as possible to assess impacts

  • All postings are instantly reflected at any entity level to allow you to report on Branch, Company or Group level


  • Our powerful reporting engine can report on the transactional information to the invoice with ability to attach supporting document 


A key element will be to retrieve your data and archived files with ease especially the the event of an FTA audit, which may take place upto 5 years after your VAT return. 


  • At anytime you can search and access your documents from any browser or our mobile app for viewing and download


  • The powerful search facility can locate and identify documents from a number of search criteria 



  • Reduced training for existing finance teams 
  • Powerful multi-heirarchy reporting from Group to branch entities
  • VAT Recovery is managed by trained personnel to avoid errors
  • Complements your existing systems and teams to minmise impacts


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