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If you need assistance to prepare and file your VAT return, our Reporting is service is and ideal and cost effective solution. Our team is trained to the current Executive Regulations to undertake a full review of your sales and purchases and prepare your VAT201 Form and assist you in the filing of your return. 

Preparing your return and understanding how to report to the VAT201 format can be confusing and errors can lead to adimistrative penalties that accumulate if not corrected quickly.

All research from the first report filings has shown companies are making errors such as over recovering on purchases, mis-reporting on transactions, documentation errors and not fully understanding how to calculate and post their transactions to the FTA requirements. 

To aid your compliance, we will provide you the report and a summary report to ensure you are meeting the Executive Regulations. 

Transactional Review

  • To undertake the preparation of an accurate VAT return, all your sales and purchase transactions and appropriate documentation must be checked. It is not a simple calculation and care must be taken.


  • Our trained team will review your transactions and ensure your sales and purchases comply to the Executive Regulations to minimise risks of adiministrative penalties. We will also seek to quickly guide you on maximising your recovery.


  • We prepare your VAT201 form with the calculations posted correctly to the format and any adjustments accounted and reported on. 


  • Once the report is prepared, we can assist you in filing the report and payment process. Late returns and payments attract automatic penalties.




  • In reviewing your transactions, we may find issues and areas to improve compliance to the Executive Regulations.


  • Inclusive is our approach is an additional report that will comment on these findings and propose any changes to your documentation, processes or transactions.


  • Simple to use per report fee
  • Transactional review of your sales and purchases
  • VAT201 format report and support for filing the return
  • Guidance to improve your compliance and documentation
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